Jomblang Cave and Grubug Cave, The Light from Heaven

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I want to continues my holiday stories back in february 2015, do you remember about my last destination? Yep.. that's right, Kebun Buah Mangunan, for you that haven't seen my post about that, you can read it here.

After Kebun Buah Mangunan, our next destination is Goa Jomblang or Jomblang Cave. This cave is not too popular in local tourism because this place is not owned by Government yet, but still owned by private. And that's make the price to enters this cave is little bit expensive than others holidays destination. For entering this cave, you should give Rp 400K, yeah expensive.. but believe me, its worthed!

So how to get there?

Me and my friends goes from Jogjakarta by car to Jomblang Cave, near Wonosari. The duration of the trip is one hour. After we arrive in Jomblang Cave, we take a rest about half an hour before we entering the cave.

take a groufie before entering the cave
After take a rest, now is about take a deep journey! Before we are entering the cave, we must wear basic personal protective equipment for the caving, such as safety helmet and safety harness. We enters the Jomblang Cave by simple rope crane that connect to our safety harness, and the driver or the crane is... manually by human power, yes.. human power or muscle power, how terrific is that?

The provider of Goa Jomblang connecting the rope of the crane to our safety harness

and then we going down, and see how majestic is the scenery down there

Going down to the cave
scenery at the bottom of the cave
after that we enters the "tunnel cave", the cave that connect the Jomblang Cave and the Grubug cave.

the tunnel cave
Inside the tunnel cave is so dark, but fortunately there are two providers lead us to walk through the tunnel to Grubug Cave

Inside the tunnel cave

And here it is, the Grubug Cave, the "light of heaven" cave. This is the most majestic scenery that I've ever seen!

when we arrive in the inside of the grubug cave
Light from heaven
majestic view from inside grubug cave
Majestic isnt? Inside the Grubug cave is little bit hot and humid, because there is the river underground in there plus the light from the mouth of Grubug cave. But overall, the caving is awesome!

After we satisfied, we going back by same route

That's all about Jomblang Cave and Grubug Cave. Have an experience about Jomblang and Grubug Cave? Or want to ask some question about it? Please share in the comment section

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